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Posted on March 6, 2023

Currently have 1 opening in the body shop to build and restore cars on our MotorTrend TV show here in Tulsa / Broken Arrow. Experienced applicants only please. Auto Restoration. We work on classics only. Get off the collision shop / insurance company hamster wheel. Come take your time and do nice work for people who appreciate your talent, expertise and skills. Wake up and want to come to work each day. Car are supposed to be cool and fun. Come join our team. Enjoy your work again. Great pay and benefits and the best projects in this part of the country. Mustangs, Camaros, Broncos, you name it. Coolest bosses in town. We love what we do.

Welcome to the most UNIQUE and therefore most affordable yet exclusive automobile restoration services provider in North America.

Why we're one of a kind...

FOCUSED. We only do restoration. We don't do collision. 99% of restoration in America is done out of the back of a collision shop. Collision techs are NOT restoration techs. Trust me we know. We've owned two of the nation's biggest and best collision shops. Been there, done that, a bunch.

PERSONAL. We schedule projects ONE at a time through our unique process. We are organized, focused, and your project gets our full attention every step of the way. An owner manages your project start to finish.

PREDICTABLE. We give you a WRITTEN ESTIMATE or time and cost budget and plan for everything we do in advance. Yes, you read that right. Unlike everyone else we don’t do open-ended (endless) billing. You will always know your plan, parts and budget before we start any step in the process.

EXPERIENCED. We have been doing this for decades. One of our owners personally manages each project. Your project is our project while it's here. Your project is our business. Your complete satisfaction is our only job.

AFFORDABLE. Our labor rate is ONLY $85 per hour, which is below the national average and low for this type of quality and work. Mechanical only service projects are ONLY $95 per hour. And parts, materials, supplies and sublet work are billed straight off receipts at our cost, usually wholesale pricing, plus only 25% mark up. You get a detailed invoice of all work done each week. Most shops have no idea exactly what was done and where your money went. Not with us. You see the detail on everything done and spent all the way. There are no big surprises with us. YOU SEE ALL OUR COSTS.

*Plus our initial deposit to start a restoration is ZERO. We don't want to sit on a bunch of your money. We work, you pay, weekly, pay-as-you-go, time and materials, simple. Other shops will ask for $20,000 to $100,000 in advance to start. Why? That should be a RED flag to you. Not us.

ACCOUNTABLE. We send you updates and invoices WEEKLY. Every step is agreed to in advance and accounted for weekly. You always know where you are on your project. And where your money went, to the penny.

GUARANTEED. Unlike everyone else we give you a WRITTEN WARRANTY on all our work. In fact we offer America's Only FOREVER Restoration Warranty. If it’s done right, then it will last, and we guarantee it. Other shops will tell you it can’t be done, but that’s just not true. Written estimates and written warranties can be done in automotive restoration. When the work is done RIGHT! Why would you not get a warranty when spending this much money.

ACCESSIBLE. We offer FREE pick up & delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. *At our discretion. Contact us at anytime for details.

Honest, fair and transparent. We have the best system in the country.

Let us show you a better way!