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Brothers, Tony and George Schwarz, along with their wives Wanda and Pam, founded Twin Cities Ready Mix, Inc. {commonly referred to as ‘Twin Cities’} in May of 1972. The name came to be as the company was located in one of the two sister towns of Haileyville and Hartshorne, Oklahoma {also referred to as the ‘Twin Cities’}. Like it’s hometown of Haileyville, Twin Cities started modestly with a small ready mix plant, a loader, and one concrete mixer truck. The company quickly grew to a ‘fleet’ of three trucks with Tony and George doing all of the batching, driving, and mechanic work while Wanda ran the office. The concrete industry seemed a logical direction for Tony and George to take as their father, Gordon Schwarz, and grandfather, A.M. Schwarz, had both been in the aggregate and concrete industries in Texas beginning in 1937. Gordon has been involved in numerous concrete ventures since that time, but is now retired. He was an active partner and very involved in Twin Cities for approximately nine years. To this day, he remains available to help when needed. Tony and Wanda have welcomed their children, Chris, John, and Joey into the family-owned and operated company. All three sons are actively involved in the management and day-to-day operation of the business. Wanda is now semi-retired, but remains available on an advisory basis. George and Pam’s children, Jacqueline and Tyler, are just beginning to enter into the Twin Cities workforce. They, along with Chris, John, and Joey, comprise a fourth generation of this concrete producing family. Twin Cities has always held to its belief that the employees are the heart of the company and they deserve much of the credit for its success. A large number of Twin Cities’ employees have been with the company for 10, 15, 20 years and longer. We realize much of our achievements are attributable to these wonderful men and women whom we consider to be part of the family. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with such fine people and look forward to many years to come. Twin Cities would also like to thank our customers, many of which have remained loyal to us since our first years in business. We are very proud of the broad customer base we have established and maintained over the years. It gives us great pleasure to provide our clients with the quality products and prompt, professional service we feel they deserve. Twin Cities became a corporation in 1984, and at present maintains eight production facilities in Eastern Oklahoma and Fort Smith, Arkansas supplying every aspect of the construction industry. Our service region is home to a variety of areas including the smallest rural town with a population of 4,000 to the largest metropolitan city of Tulsa, OK. Twin Cities ‘fleet’ of three mixer trucks has greatly expanded to a true fleet with 100 plus mixers. Twin Cities is capable of hauling 100% of it’s own raw products to all eight locations with a fleet of 25 truck tractors and an assortment of trailers. You can easily spot a Twin Cities truck with our distinctive color scheme of red truck cabs and yellow mixers or trailers.

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Twin Cities Ready Mix
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