Class A Drivers

Kerr Environmental Resources
Tulsa, OK Full-time
Posted on August 2, 2019

Class A with Hazmat &
Tanker endorsements
. Immediate Openings. Local & Home. Evenings & Nights
Mon-Fri. Starting salary $46K.

Hazardous waste truck drivers adhere to a strict safety checklist when transporting dangerous materials. The driver ensures that materials are properly labeled and that no packages are leaking or otherwise improperly prepared for shipping. The driver must know the regulations regarding transportation of hazardous substances, including if permits are necessary anywhere along a planned route. Other responsibilities include maintaining shipping papers and emergency contact information in a designated area of the truck and properly securing cargo to prevent movement or spilling during transport.

Hazardous waste truck drivers follow safety procedures regarding loading, unloading, parking and route restrictions. In the case of an accident, a hazardous waste truck driver must ensure the safety of nearby people and prevent the spread of materials. The transportation of hazardous waste might require additional paperwork and protocol. For example, waste materials might need to be labeled more specifically than other materials and may require the completion of a Hazardous Waste Manifest. The truck driver is responsible for securing appropriate signatures on all relevant shipping paperwork. Requirements may vary by state, but a driver might need to submit paperwork to various departments following delivery completion.

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