Johnson Claim Service
Tulsa, OK Full-time
Posted on January 5, 2020


Truck/Trailer/Heavy Equipment

We are interviewing for Appraiser/Adjuster positions in the Tulsa area. Shop experience and/or adjusting experience required.

Salary - Benefits - Commission potential excellent.

•Analyze information gathered by investigation and report findings and recommendations.
•Collect evidence to support contested claims in court.
•Communicate with former associates to verify employment record and to obtain background information regarding persons or businesses applying for credit.
•Examine claims form and other records to determine insurance coverage.
•Examine titles to property to determine validity and act as company agent in transactions with property owners.
•Interview or correspond with agents and claimants to correct errors or omissions and to investigate questionable claims.
•Interview or correspond with claimant and witnesses, consult police and hospital records, and inspect property damage to determine extent of liability.
•Investigate and assess damage to property.
•Negotiate claim settlements and recommend litigation when settlement cannot be negotiated.
•Obtain credit information from banks and other credit services.
•Prepare report of findings of investigation.
•Refer questionable claims to investigators or claims adjuster for investigation or settlement.